The 1st Birmingham NotWedding: flower Magazine Review

  • April 18, 2014

The first Birmingham NotWedding came and went in a blur, but we are still enchanted by the gorgeous photos. Our national media partner, flower Magazine, is based in Birmingham and we loved having some of the flower girls at this inaugural event. We are excited to share their review of the event as well as a sneak peek of some of the images. (The event is being featured on Ruffled so we are saving the rest of the photos until they are published…stay tuned!)

Morgan Trinker Photography - 1

We are thrilled to be National Media Sponsor and partner with “The NotWedding” as they spread their love all across the United States! What’s even more exciting? Experiencing our first NotWedding in Birmingham, Alabama. The ceremony and reception took place at Bridgestreet Gallery and Loft, a quaint downtown location that really showed off the historic qualities of Birmingham. We immediately recognized the “southern hospitality” as the NotWedding team in all smiles welcomed us and handed out gift bags filled with wedding swag (complete with the March/April issue of flower!).

The wedding celebrated the one-year anniversary of Laura and Mark, whose rustic yet modern sensibilities made for a wonderful mix of classic décor with unique details.

One of my favorite scenes from the reception was the head table— especially the flowers hanging tied to ribbons up above the wedding party’s heads. I loved the use of a church pew from P.E.W.S. with pillows and a blanket to create an intimate and relaxed feeling. The small details on each table were hard to miss, with geometric containers, votives, and tie-dye napkins that were reflected on some of the other tables as well.


Each guest table was setup a little differently to reflect the different vendors’ styles, and all came together to create a beautiful, coherent reception area. Bistro lighting (even indoors) always puts a smile on my face and sets the mood for a fun evening!


Now for our favorite part—the flowers! I enjoyed seeing how the different floral designers used the same color palette yet the results were unique. Originality is such an important quality to have as vendors work together to create one event. Fishing hooks, colorful ribbon, and large ‘protea’ flowers helped tie together the bold arrangements while the eucalyptus and button flowers kept them classic and feminine.



Guests dined and danced the night away as they sipped on made-to-order cocktails, such as the delicious Peach Mint Julep. If they needed to catch their breath, the NotWedding’s signature “Tunnel of Love” provided the perfect respite for brides-to-be. Instead of the traditional bridal show set-up, guests were able to swing by vendors’ tables and actually get the chance to interact with the vendors in a casual, light-hearted atmosphere.


Overall we were thrilled to be a part of a new and exciting outlet for brides in the Birmingham area. The NotWedding allows guests a unique perspective and lets them see several vendors, not only at one event, but also in action. We, for one, picked up a few tips and cannot wait until the next event. Don’t miss The NotWedding in your hometown for a big dose of inspiration and fun!

Koli Nichols Photography | Morgan Trinker Photography | Spindle Photography

The 2nd Athens NotWedding: Rehearsal Dinner

  • April 17, 2014

Good food and good people make good events even better. Earlier this month, we celebrated the 2nd Athens NotWedding at The Foundry Park Inn & Spa. Vendors were welcomed to town with a casual (and delicious!) rehearsal dinner al fresco. Your Pie slung some custom pizzas and dished out refreshing gelato from their mobile catering trailer. One of our Athens photographers, JBLT Photography, captured the delectable dinner and the fun preparation process that goes along with those pies as well as some head shots of our incredible vendor team.


















Venue: The Foundry Park Inn & Spa – The Melting Point | Catering: Your Pie | Photography: JBLT Photography

Janna & Scott’s Sappy Love Story: The 1st Savannah NotCouple

  • April 14, 2014

The excitement in Scott’s account of his perfectly planned summer camp engagement and his love for his sweet wife Janna is almost too precious for us to handle. Our team is ecstatic to bring The NotWedding to Savannah for the very first time and couldn’t be happier to celebrate these two. Janna and Scott will be tying the NOT at the 1st Savannah NotWedding tomorrow! 


I bought Janna’s engagement ring over two months before the proposal while she was on a summer mission trip in Mozambique, so I was anxious and more than ready to get the ball rolling when the big day finally came around. Janna and I spent the night at my parents’ house in Woodstock on a Friday night, and decided to drive up to Dahlonega the next day in celebration of dating for a year and a half (that was the cover up). After a wonderful lunch in the square, I suggested we take the two-mile drive to Camp Glisson to see a few camp friends of ours and just to spend time together at our favorite place.

After we arrived at camp, we hung out with our friends for a bit before I asked Janna if she wanted to go on a walk. I took her to the chapel, and we walked up to the stage. I turned to her and said I wanted to take her on a trip down memory lane in honor of our anniversary (remember…the cover up!). I pulled an envelope out of my backpack with “Chapel” written on the front. She read the letter inside, which reminisced upon a memory we shared in the chapel during our last summer working together. At the bottom of the letter was a compliment to Janna that correlated with that specific memory. I then took her to eight different locations around camp, stopping at each place to give her a marked envelope with a letter inside. Each letter had a new compliment at the bottom as well as all of the previous ones. Some of the locations included the pool (where we first met), the dining hall porch where I would flirt with her, and my old cabin B1 where I prayed fervently about pursuing Janna for a relationship.

Unbeknownst to Janna, as we were walking down memory lane, my friend was setting up a surprise for us back at the chapel. Janna and I made our way around camp, and returned back to the chapel. I had Janna close her eyes as we opened the big wooden doors together. Tea candles lit up the center aisle as well as the altar in the front, and there was a bed of daisies (Janna’s favorite flower) in front of the altar. She looked at me through tears and said, “What is all of this?” We held hands and walked down the aisle together. I turned to her, said a few things that neither of us remember, dropped a knee, pulled out the bling bling, and asked the most amazing girl in the world to marry me. Luckily, she said, “Of course!”

Best day ever, y’all.
Photos: Personal | Lesley Kerr Photography

We hope that you are planning to join Janna and Scott as they renew their vows tomorrow at the very 1st Savannah NotWedding at The Mackey House. There is a small hand full of tickets left – you can grab yours online here!

Vendor of the Week: El’s Cards

  • April 11, 2014

A girl after our own paper-loving heart, Ellen of El’s Cards is one genuine and talented vendor. Her willingness to get to know her clients and share their story through watercolor and calligraphy design is unique…and quite beautiful. We were thankful to have El’s Cards as a part of the very 1st Boston NotWedding.

“Ellen showcased such a range of paper goods from maps, to bookmarks, to calligraphy on every invitation! She was such a joy to work with and clearly loves what she does. It is apparent in her work and her vibrant personality.”
Allie Webber, Boston Production Manager


What is your argument for paper products in this modern day?
It is such a special feeling to open the mailbox and see something arrive with a hand written address.  Then to open it up and find a colorful note or a card…or especially a beautiful wedding invitation. It just doesn’t compare to getting an email.  When I receive something like that, it makes my day.  I know that someone took the time to send it just for me.  Using lovely stationery is an affordable luxury that makes a big impact on the recipient.  As a girl, I was always encouraged by my Mom to write thank you notes when I would receive a gift. This is a courtesy that is timeless, and makes a huge impression.  I actually just received a hand written thank you note from a recent bride for creating her invitations.  It’s a thoughtful token of appreciation, but it means so much to be on the receiving end of someone taking the time to write!

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What is the most important thing you have ever done for the success of your business?
The most important thing I have done is to be true to myself.  I love what I do!  And I love people.  Through the years, I have met all types of people who have had ideas about how I could be running my business.  They have made suggestions about what I could be doing or what they think will be popular to sell.  My response is to smile and nod (and sometimes take it under advisement).  But I know what my strengths are and it seems right to keep working on what I am good at as opposed to branching out into too many different directions.  I attended a fabulous workshop last December with some other wedding professionals and the leader of the group said something really great.  She said that any time someone makes a business suggestion, we need to say to ourselves “Is this in line with my vision for my company?”  If we have a true vision of where we want to go, the answer will always be clear.

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What has been your favorite part of the NotWedding experience?
First of all, I felt honored to be included in the day.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by such creativity.  For me, it really comes down to the people and relationships we can build.  Meeting the other vendors and organizers was wonderful!  It felt like we were all on a big team to create the perfect wedding.  And then meeting the couples was fun, too.   Everyone was happy to be there and there was a palpable energy going through the rooms.  So many lovely details and it all came together flawlessly.  I work alone in my studio most every day, so to be out meeting others and seeing what they do and getting to chat has been a great experience.


Photo Credits:
Rachel Halsey Photography | Melissa Mullen Photography (2 + 3) | El’s Cards

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